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True or False

1.The practice of naming hurricanes began when a weather forecaster decided to insult politicians he didn’t like by naming devastating tropical storms after them.    

2. Lightening can strike twice in the same place

        3.There are 100 dimples in a golf ball. 

         4.All the kings in a standard deck of cards have a moustache.  

         5. Twinkies originally had banana filling

         6. A sneeze is faster than an eye wink

         7. Fingernails grow faster than hair

         8. An Olympic gold medal is made of silver

         9. M&M candy stands for Micky and Moordale

         10. A lion’s roar can be heard up to 8 km away.

         11. Monaco is the smallest country in the world

         12. Goldfish have a memory of only 3 seconds.

         13. A group of swans is known as a bevy

         14. Fishes cannot blink