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Movies Explained Badly 2022

  1. Young woman finally gets some rest when along comes a man to ruin it.
  2. After losing his father a young boy joins a hippie group and becomes a vegan
  3. Orphan abducted into cult by old hermit is brainwashed to kill his father and bomb the government.
  4. Young girl with mental illness talks to furniture and marries her kidnapper.
  5. A house in London is broken into and 3 children go on an overnight trip.
  6. A neglected sociopathic child tries to murder 2 men.
  7. A young boy terrorizes a bunch of animals
  8. A woman goes through 7 different men before settling on one.
  9. A man commits assault robbery and identity theft and still gets the girl.
  10. A drug addicted girl takes advantage of a mentally challenged boy.