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General Knowledge 2 2022

  1. According to the Herald Sun, what country has only 32 females issued a passport?
  2. Legends of Robin Hood and his merry men take place in Sherwood Forest. Of what tree is Robin Hood’s bow made? a) ash b) juniper c) oak d) yew
  3. What black and white movie was the first to be converted to colour electronically?
  4. Before Drake’s music career took off, he gained recognition for starring in which television show?
  5. What word has 3 consecutive double letters
  6. What tree features in the middle of the flag of Lebanon?
  7. Which cast member of “Friends” was born in Massachusetts yet raised by a Canadian born mother in Ottawa?
  8. What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
  9. In its purest state, what colour is topaz?
  10. Which tree do goats famously climb in Morocco to eat the fruit that is grown?