Adult Educational Activities
We have a variety of classes, including Hebrew, Siddur and Talmud, which are designed specifically for adults and are led by the Rabbi and other members of the community. Well-known scholars from the Conservative movement visit on a regular basis. Conversion classes are also offered on an as-needed basis.
Jewish Educational Manna, Intellectual Food for the Wondering Jew (JEM)
JEM is a joint program shared by Or Shalom through its “Martin Bass Fund for Human Resources” along with London’s Reform congregation Temple Israel and is a lively part of both synagogues’ programming. The goal of JEM is to provide stimulating, high-quality Jewish education to busy adults who have a wide variety of Jewish learning backgrounds.
Weekly lectures are delivered by a wide variety of speakers from the local community and by invited speakers from outside London. The sessions address a broad eclectic range of Jewish topics, including philosophy, history, arts, and texts.
The weekly sessions are Monday evenings 7:30-9:00 and take place at the London Jewish Community Centre, immediately to the north of Or Shalom. There is no admittance charge for these programs.

JEM Flier #4, December, 2018

JEM Flier #3, 11-6-18

JEM Flier #2, 9-25-18
JEM Flier #1 August 2018
JEM Flier 4, December – March 2018
JEM Flier 2, October 16, 2017(1)
JEM Flier 1, August 2017
JEM Flier 3, January 2017
JEM Flier, 8-31-15, 2015
JEM Flier 2, October 2015.docx_1446498121184
JEM Flier 3, February 2016