Tikkun Olam hits the road, helps others

Posted January 24th, 2013 by Or Shalom London with No Comments

In a recent Torah portion, VaEra, the Egyptians are struck by a plague of frogs. Aaron causes frogs to cover the land of Egypt, and then Pharaoh’s magicians, to prove their power, add to the problem by bringing up more frogs from the waters. Eventually, the frogs die, “and they piled them up in heaps, until the land stank” (Ex. 8:10). Imagine how hard it must have been to get around Egypt, with all those frogs everywhere.

It’s been hard to get around London the last few weeks too. The snow is pretty, but the sidewalks are slick, and the snow cleared from the streets is often piled up at the corners exactly where the sidewalk slopes so that it is supposed to be accessible to people in wheelchairs. Londoners who don’t drive or who need wheelchairs, canes or walkers to get around are facing some challenges this winter.

Or Shalom can help with that. The Tikkun Olam group is happy to give you a ride to shul, an appointment or the grocery store. To arrange a ride, contact Judy Silver at 519-858-9272 or judy.silver@gmail.com.

The Ezra Committee provides meals to people who are unwell or newly home from the hospital. The meals are tasty. If you would like one or you know of someone who would benefit from this care, please call Naomi Stoffman at 519-858-0711.

Unlike the Egyptians whose stubbornness kept adding to their problems, we can take care of each other in this winter weather.

Shabbat shalom,
Rabbi Catharine Clark

PS – One of the activities you should get a ride to is our Kabbalat Shabbat service on February 15th. Aviva Chernick, star of the December AVIVA concert at Or Shalom, will be our guest shliach tzibbur. Using fresh and familiar melodies, Aviva will guide us in music that awakens our souls to the divine. See you there!

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